There is going to be a GoFundMe for a reboot of this one named movie that kick started so many careers, including that of the OG jinx.

Apparently all the stars except the never aging one are on board if they can get the financing.


Alicia Silverstone, Paul Rudd

An offspring of actors/reality stars was told they would be cut off financially if they didn’t attend a series of red carpet events.

Amelia Hamlin

Delilah Belle Hamlin

Harry Hamlin, Lisa Rinna

This network news anchor is upset that the disgraced anchors are looking at raises, and he has been having to take pay cuts to keep his job.


David Muir

T.J. Holmes, Amy Robach

ABC News’ David Muir ‘Wants No Part’ In Amy Robach & T.J. Holmes’ Affair Scandal: Source

The ABC World News Tonight star despises the negative attention Robach and her GMA 3 costar, T.J. Holmes, brought to the network after their alleged affair came to light.

“He’s not having it. He’s the face of the evening news and nothing about him ever makes it into the papers. He’s very private and no one at ABC likes the way Amy and T.J. handled it,” a source revealed to a news publication on Monday, December 12.

“Every anchor is upset that Amy and T.J. have caused such drama,” an additional insider dished of the messy situation, adding, “no one wants to be associated with this, and Amy and David already aren’t that close right now.”

Another ABC News spokesperson confirmed, “David is focused on the work, not any of this,” as a third insider revealed to the news publication that Robach was “obsessed” with becoming Muir’s 20/20 co-anchor. Robach joined Muir on 20/20 in 2018, having replaced Elizabeth Vargas. – Source

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