I wrote about this foreign born A list singer last week.

Things have taken a turn for the worse this week.

He never eats and only focuses on using as much as possible. He is basically a walking skeleton right now and needs some professional help.

Zayn Malik

What this person does every day to bring love and light to the world is amazing.

She seemingly works for a million charitable organizations.

She has no idea that her A- list country singer husband is cheating on her.

She deserves so much better.

Thomas Rhett

Lauren Akins

Mr. Hedge

This athlete investor has been grilled on a high-profile pay cable show.

If you want to watch him squirm in the interview chair, get your popcorn ready.

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter Denies the Marlins Are ‘Tanking’ In Upcoming HBO ‘Real Sports’ Interview

Derek Jeter seems to have a positive outlook on this season and sees the Marlins as ‘contenders,’ according to a transcript in The Miami Herald for an upcoming episode of HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.

Gumbel’s interview with Jeter will air on Tuesday and it seems the discussion gets a little heated.


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