He used to be one of the edgiest comedians around and was headed for permanent A+ list status.

Now, he is still an A list comic but has lost his edge and is more interested in corporate paychecks and groping as many women during meet and greets as possible until someone says yes. Back in the day he cheated on his wife with fans and A list celebrities.

Now, half the time he has to pay the fan to be with him when he cheats on his current significant other.

Andrew Dice Clay

Wife: Valerie Vasquez

This married former A- list mostly television actress turned B+ list mostly movie actress all of you know, but probably can’t spell has been out of the country filming and spending almost every night at one of the world’s biggest sex clubs (minus her husband).

Dianna Agron
Filming “Berlin, I Love You” in Berlin, Germany

Husband: Winston Marshall

A major expose is coming on serious environmental violations at the factory.

Pretty soon, this celebrity CEO will be adding the EPA to his alphabet soup of serious problems.

Elon Musk


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