29 04, 2022

The actress is finding this out first hand.

One of the things I warned you about in this space and in a message to this former A/A- list dual threat actress is things change when you go from very limited hours together with a forced curfew to living together 24/7. You learn things about each other you maybe didn't know. The actress is finding this out first hand.

28 04, 2022

It was too painful a topic to discuss.

When asking about his immediate family in interviews, this permanent A list actor/writer/director/producer/auteur would mention that he had an older brother but didn’t give any details about his whereabouts. It was too painful a topic to discuss. His older brother was institutionalized as a child because he had "learning difficulties" (which is a long ago term for someone on the autism spectrum) and was prone to violent outbursts.

28 04, 2022

He Killed The Show – Old Hollywood

I am calling it Old Hollywood, but the subject of the blind is still alive. Very old, but alive. I always say the first rule of Hollywood is to never leave a hit show. This actor/singer was one of the first to do it and when he left, the show didn't have a chance, and crashed and burned the next year. He will say he left the show because he was sick. Yes, sick from drinking too much, but that isn't the reason.

28 04, 2022

Photos are being held over her head

The person who leaked some very damaging audio this past week, apparently has some naked photos of herself from her college days that are being held over her head by some people who acquired them two years ago, just in case.

28 04, 2022

Network doesn’t care about things like this

Yes, she used to rape people and drug men before robbing them, but she was still at the kid's show because the network doesn't care about things like that as long as you can bring them shows that make money. I mean, they let a predator work there for decades and just kept their head in the sand as long as possible.

27 04, 2022

Old Hollywood: The father was extremely cruel to his boy

This permanent A list actor became the father to an 11 pound boy, who was his first and only son, and announced to the world that he "had his linebacker." The boy, who later became an actor himself, grew up to be a string bean, and the father never forgave him for that. The father was also very thin, but was extremely cruel to the boy growing up because he was thin too.

27 04, 2022

No one lining up to work with him

Remember last week, how everyone supposedly was lining up to work with the A list mostly movie actor who is an Oscar winner/nominee and I told you it was all crap. Not only is no one lining up to work with him, but he had deals which would have paid him nearly $100M, all canceled in the past week.

27 04, 2022

She did in fact, leave the agency

Everyone assumed last month that a blind must not be true or it must be someone other than the obvious subject, because it appeared that the wife of this A list actor stayed at the agency the actor left when I said she left too and her treatment was the reason he left. It just took a few weeks for all the reference sites to show she did in fact, leave the agency.