29 11, 2021

This is your warning about the scheme with the name of a song from a former A list

If I told you that you could get a return on your money of 60,000% investing in soap making, would you believe me? No, you would call it a Ponzi scheme. So, how come just because something is crypto rather than soap, you think it is all about a new process they have, or an understanding they have that others don't, or the founder is a standup guy, or others are making a fortune, why not me.

29 11, 2021

Biggest bomb of her career?

There is a pretty high bar to be reached for the biggest bomb of her career for this A list everything in her mind actress/singer, but she definitely has a shot with her latest movie.

28 11, 2021

How about asking her about the Spanish twins.

Once again, the wife who is only a celebrity because of who she married, is making a recent tragedy about how she has struggled to get through things. Instead of letting her get away with her violin stuff, how about asking her about the Spanish twins.

28 11, 2021

She likes to call them candles.

This actress who started a massive company  not named GOOP, wants to start selling products used for witchcraft rituals, but no one can figure out what to call them. She likes to call them "candles."

28 11, 2021

Cake for everyone.

The third in line here in the US just dropped $25M on a house in a state with no income tax. There is nothing like a 10,000 square foot house on an island as far away from the people you represent as possible so they can't find you there and make you feel guilty. Cake for everyone.

28 11, 2021

Two blinds in a row

This serial cheating former A list rapper didn't want his wife to know about the super expensive gift to one of his mistresses. Now, the wife is probably going to be on the hook for the $1M because the rapper doesn't have that kind of money. / The love her or hate her A list celebrity only cares about one thing. Herself. When it comes to people who can't do her any favors higher on the list, all she wants from them is to open their wallets and buy everything she sells.

28 11, 2021

At one point a dead animal was dumped at his front door as a warning.

Another story about this deceased comic comic's - A while back he started telling a few jokes in his act about this A+ big box office actor with a weird personal life. In no uncertain terms, he was warned to stop doing this by many powerful people and at one point a dead animal was dumped at his front door as a warning. He stopped but what he started doing once a month for a couple years was anonymously mailing a large collection of phallic sexual aids to the A+ actor. The actor never figured out who was doing this.

27 11, 2021

She lives to climb the thirst ladder

Our favorite pay cable star who really wants to be Bond, has picked a winner for his next "girlfriend." She is someone who is hated by legions of soccer fans because she cheated on her soccer playing boyfriend with another soccer player. She lives to climb the thirst ladder and this is about as high as she can get.