31 08, 2021

The money goes poof.

The Ponzi scheme guy who is a former actor pays employees at this exchange for login info of customers. The money goes poof.

30 08, 2021

The pay offer was the same

The plan at this cable news outlet was to fire the troublesome brother, move up his friend an hour and then bring in the host from a rival network. The pay offer was the same, but the host from the rival would have still had to work every night.

30 08, 2021

If she can keep her story straight.

The crazy thing is the alliterate one told her official mouthpiece/lapdog reporter one name at first when it came to the racist royal family member, but a year later gave a different name.

30 08, 2021

He wouldn’t let her go to the bathroom

This a-hole actor who has been acting since he was a kid, yelled at his model girlfriend at dinner the other night until she broke down in tears. He also wouldn't let her go to the bathroom because then everyone would think he was a jerk and made her run off crying.

30 08, 2021

Speaking of affairs

Speaking of affairs, this foreign born alliterate A list mostly movie actor kept his super secret with the married A list mostly movie actress who is an Oscar winner/nominee.