You will be lucky if you get a hello from her if you see her in public.

This former B+ list tweener is now a B+/A- list singer who would probably love to act again or do whatever she can to make a few bucks and stay in the public eye.

She has tons of female fans. Gazillions.

They obviously have never spent much time with her though.

You will be lucky if you get a hello from her if you see her in public.

Other women who have worked with her don’t usually have anything nice to say about her unless she is still below them on the fame ladder.

If she is above you, then you need to do what she says or serve your purpose and then be gone. This is all so fascinating to me considering she generally prefers women to men sexually.

Oh, she won’t say that. She does though.

Now, if you are a guy, she will get along great with you.

Her percentage of male friends to female friends is 95/5. She gets along with guys.

With women, it is always her first and other women second.

She won’t compliment other women unless she is getting something out of it too.

She cannot say anything nice without also mentioning herself.

She seems sweet, but when you start to look into her world and her actions and talk to people who have worked with her, everyone sees it.

She had a gig a few years ago that was a disaster.

The thing is though, she made enemies with her female co-star and ended up sleeping with her male boss.

That is and has been her m.o..

I have personally seen minor celebrities in awe of her and look to her as a role model and then they spend a few minutes with her and get dismissed and realize she is not the hero or the image they thought.

Demi Lovato
Now enemy female co-star: Selena Gomez
Boss: Simon Cowell “The X Factor”


Do you believe it?

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