You really do not want to get involved with this guy.

You really do not want to get involved with this guy.

This foreign born B+ list model who is celebrity offspring and would be relatively unknown here in the US without being a celebrity offspring is hooked on heroin.

A year ago she was full of life and everything looked bright and promising.

Now, our model is wasting away to nothing.

She has lost that spark that she used to have that got her work. She does not really look like a traditional model so her smile and her energy is what got her work.

She has been losing out on jobs.

Word has spread that she is strung out.

Everyone blames the guy in her life.

He is no stranger to the drug but seems to prefer getting the women in his life addicted, rather than doing much of it, if any himself.

He likes the power and control it gives him over the women.

They get hooked and then do what he wants to keep them supplied with the drug.

He knows they won’t go looking for it on their own.

They don’t know where to go. He is their supplier.

He is the one who makes the shakes go away.

Those close to her have tried to get in between the couple, but with no success.

She thinks he loves her.

So far, her parents have no idea.

She has been avoiding them.

It is a sad situation and if nothing is done, she has a good chance of ending up dead. he doesn’t care.

He will just move on to the next one.

Daisy Lowe (parents: Pearl Lowe, Gavin Rossdale)
Thomas Cohen (widower of Peaches Geldof – died of heroin overdose)


Do you believe it?

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