You can always tell when she is trying to quit.

She wants you to believe one thing, but she is 180 degrees the polar opposite.

She has always gone for the hey, “I might not wear very many clothes when I perform and my breasts are not real, but deep down, I am innocent” look.

It is the story she contrived from her very first single.

Her image is tightly controlled and even interviews with her are micro managed far more than other artists of her stature.

It is very rare she will ever agree to an interview that has not been planned out for weeks in advance. One thing that would never come up because so few people suspect it is her drug use.

When you think of singers and musicians you think of drugs, but she is quite possibly the biggest of all time.

Yes, even more than Keith Richards.

Ever since she hit it big she has been spending money like crazy on coke.

Before getting famous she dabbled in coke but she did not pay for it in cash.

Nope, she paid for it with her body.

It is also how she made ends meet when she was struggling.

Somehow that fails to make it into her official biography.

It is not like she did that every day.

It was a need to buy groceries or pay rent thing.

Don’t even get me started on the record executives and managers she landed because of sex.

This is a drug story.

A drug story that has seen one A list ex have to go to rehab and almost killed him.

He feigned a different ailment, but it was the drugs that almost killed him.

Another ex said it was like a blizzard of snow and he couldn’t stay with someone who was that into partying and drugs.

She has never missed a show because of drugs, but then again she does not have any shows during the day when she is trying to sleep.

Also, during her numerous costume changes she often finds the time to do coke.

You can always tell when she is trying to quit.

She disappears from the map for several days and when she emerges she is always minus makeup and minus any kind of smile and looks like someone who has not slept for a week.

Katy Perry
A list rehab ex: John Mayer
Ex who couldn’t stay: Russell Brand


Do you believe it?

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