Yes, he and his wife are still together.

This actor is a huge star.

He’s probably had a dozen $50+ million movies in the past five years.

We don’t know if he is a triple threat, but he is definitely a double threat.

He has been married for at least five years to a pretty actress.

He was at a football game, rooting on his favorite team from a luxury box.

He wasn’t just watching football, though.

He was also working his magic on an attractive blonde girl. Who was she?

Definitely not his wife!

The girl was young, blonde, pretty.

I would compare her to one of those dime-a-dozen Instagram “models.”

He was making out with her by the bar.

When he sat down, she sat in his lap and they made out some more.

The timing of this make out session was pretty sleazy, too… because his dark-haired actress wife had given birth to his child just a few months earlier!

Yes, he and his wife are still together.

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Jenna Dewan



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