This three named network actor is crazy in love with his three named actor co-star.
April 1, 2017
These two actresses like each other a lot, get along fine, and actually want to work together again.
April 1, 2017

Wifey knows the game.

It was odd that this TV actor’s wife felt compelled to immediately and publicly jump to the defense of her marriage when the media claimed that her husband was on a date with this non-actress.

Why was it odd?

Because Wifey does not jump in when the media speculates whether or not her husband is having a real-life scandalous affair with his actress costar.

Is it because the rumors are true?

It’s not because the rumors are true.

Their characters are having an affair on the show, so it’s good for fans to wonder if [Actor and Actress] are having an affair in real life as well.

Good chemistry and rumors keep the fans tuned in to see if the spark is real which keeps the ratings up and keeps everyone employed!

[Wifey] knows the game.

Tony Goldwyn
Kerri Washington


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