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May 24, 2016
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May 25, 2016

Who let this get out of control? Who let this get out of control?

You would think that a talk show host would be thrilled to have a colorful guest bring a lot of attention to their show with a controversial appearance.

Not in this case!

In fact, this musician’s appearance on a popular talk show created such chaos that multiple people from the show let us know what happened backstage.

We’ve combined their observations here.

Usually if [Host] is unhappy about something , [Host] just does a closed door meeting with Producers.

This time, though, right after the show [Host] walked backstage and started yelling at EVERYONE!

First, [Host] yelled at [Executive Producer] and went off on him about “Whose idea was it to allow that f*cking lunatic on the show?!”

Then [Host] yelled at [Other Producers] and said that it was their job to prep the guest in pre-interview and to make it clear that the Q&A was only going to be short answers and humor and that they didn’t want him going off on some rant and that they obviously failed to do that.

[Host] likes to be in control during the interviews and was embarrassed that the whole segment was completely out of control.

The yelling went on for a while, with [Host] going on and on about how [Guest] had “hijacked the show” for a “‘psychotic rant” and that letting someone do that was “a professional embarrassment.”

Just a lot of yelling and repeating over and over:

“Who let this get out of control? Who let this get out of control?”

Then [Host] headed back to their dressing room, yelling all the way down the hall, “I don’t ever want to see that f*cker or anyone from that entire f*cking family on my show ever again!”

I don’t know if it will hold for his whole family, but the staff promised that [Guest] will NEVER be on the show again.

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