When she is not working, she is right back to her hotel room. No interaction with anyone.

While her co-stars have been having a ridiculous amount of fun over the past week, the so called star of the almost television show has been quietly holed up in her hotel room.

Yes, she does what she is supposed to and makes press appearances and promotes the heck out of the show.

When she is not working though, she is right back to her hotel room. No interaction with anyone.

She rarely goes out with any of her co-stars even to dinner.

They all pose happily together for social media shots and she is always gone. It didn’t use to be like this.

There is nothing horrible that happened to her, physically anyway.

Emotionally though she was devastated beyond belief at some of the things she experienced when she dated this former A list tweener.

She thought he was one person and he was when he was with her.

The thing is though, he ended up spending more and more time away from her because he enjoyed using drugs far more than spending time with her.

He told her this.

He also told her at one point they would be together forever and she turned down a movie when he said they should go get married.

Instead he was off doing drugs.

Once he came clean so to speak about his drug issues he started taking her with him when he would go out.

She says she saw some things she never wants to see again and things that made her never want to go out with anyone or be anywhere when there was a chance drugs would be around.

Instead, she just sits in her hotel room or apartment. Alone.

Natasha Lyonne
Edward Furlong

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