When she does work she is a shell of the person she once was.

One thing I really dislike is when an actor has somehow managed to bamboozle his fans or the public into thinking he is some great guy when the reality is he is an a-hole.

Such is the case with this foreign born A- list mostly television actor.

He has appeared on foreign hit shows and also had a run on a network show here which was a hit everywhere in the world but the US.

It was kind of meh here.

On his biggest show, which is a long running foreign staple, he screwed over his co-star so bad emotionally that she has practically quit the business. When she does work she is a shell of the person she once was.

He played so many head games with her while stringing her along and having sex with the woman who was publicly his girlfriend.

That girlfriend he screwed over not only by cheating on her all the time but threatening to tell the world some of the stories she told him in confidence.

He blackmailed her into having threesomes and sleeping with friends of his.

Oh, he gets worse.

He started dating this foreign born B+ list mostly movie actress who was also on a hit television show.

The thing is he still wanted to enjoy the ex so he blackmailed the ex until two months ago to keep having sex with him.

He finally stopped when his current girlfriend found out and threatened to leave him.

The guy is so bad that when he would blackmail the ex for sex he would make her call her boyfriend while she was naked and listen to her give an excuse why she was going to be late or miss a date.

David Tennant
Co-star: Billie Piper
Publicly dated: Bethan Britton
B+ list actress: Sophia Myles
Current girlfriend: Georgia Moffett

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

Do you believe it?

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