When it comes to men, she makes her own rules.

This young and beautiful woman is one of the top actresses in the world.

She has her pick of practically any project – or any man – she wants.

However, she is obsessed with one guy in particular!

Is it one of her young, handsome costars from the famous franchise in which she starred?

Or perhaps she is taking aim at her handsome, blue-eyed, slightly older costar from multiple films?


When it comes to men, she makes her own rules.

We were surprised to find out that she is obsessed with… a male reality star!

She confessed as much to him when they recently met. According to him:

She was like, “I’m obsessed with you!”

She wanted to know everything about me.

She had opinions on everything.

And I’m like, shitting myself because she’s [Actress]!

She’s the biggest actress on the planet!

Jennifer Lawrence
Jax Taylor from Vanderpump Rules

Source: http://blindgossip.com


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