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This would wipe out her fortune pretty quickly.
April 8, 2019
Apparently the celebrity husband is throwing the celebrity wife under the criminal bus in this highly publicized case.
April 8, 2019

When he refused, he ended up dead.

This real life Empire lover was about to be interviewed to defend this permanent A++ lister. He was offered mid six figures to not do so. When he refused, he ended up dead.


This real life Empire lover was about to be interviewed to defend this permanent A++ lister.

He was offered mid six figures to not do so.

When he refused, he ended up dead.

Ron Newt

Michael Jackson

EXCLUSIVE: Ron Newt on Getting Offered $200K To Say Michael Jackson Touched His Kids

In this flashback clip from 2016, Ron Newt spoke exclusively with VladTV about his close friendship with Michael Jackson, which came to life after his sons, The Newtrons, were signed to Jackson Records. He reveals that Michael’s father, Joe Jackson, was not the man that was portrayed in the media, yet was instead one of the nicest people he ever met. At one point in the segment, he recalls a story of when one of his sons got bit by Michael’s pet monkey, Bubbles, which led the King of Pop to “hit Bubbles with an eight-piece.” Later on, he speaks on turning down $200K from National Enquirer to say that MJ touched his kids, while pointing out if those allegations were true, “it would have been a problem.” – Source

‘Empire’ & Fox Beat $10M Copyright Suit From “Gangsta Pimp”s Memoir & Script

Over a year after Fox, Empire co-creators Lee Daniels and Danny Strong, series star Terrence Howard, writer Malcolm Spellman and media mogul Rupert Murdoch were sued in a $10 million copyright infringement suit by “self-described ‘gangsta pimp’” Ron Newt, a federal judge has tossed the case out.

“Although the parties’ works each follow an African American man who was involved in drug dealing and has sons pursuing a music career, Plaintiff’s works and Empire are not substantially similar as to plot,” wrote District Judge Consuelo Marshall on Wednesday (read it here). “Plaintiff has demonstrated, at most, random similarities between the works which does not constitute substantial similarity,” Judge Marshall added in the 26-page order granting the defendants’ motions to have the matter dismissed.

Claiming that he gave Howard a copy of his memoir Bigger Than Big, a DVD of a documentary about him and a registered screenplay called All That Glitters in 2010, Newt said in the initial April 2015 complaint that the Fox blockbuster series was ripped-off his life and work – and he wanted to get paid.

After Newt filed an amended complaint last August that dropped the media mogul from the matter and lowered the cash he was seeking, Fox and the other remaining defendants hit back in mid-October with a motion to dismiss the case. Calling Newt a “San Francisco-area pimp and drug dealer,” their filing said that the 2015 debuting Empire is a “a modern take on Shakespeare’s King Lear.”- Source

EXCLUSIVE: Ron Newt Has Passed Away at the Age of 69

The music industry lost a legendary figure last night (March 11), as sources close to Ron Newt’s family have confirmed that the former manager has passed away. Newt had a decorated history in both the streets and entertainment industry, where he’s best remembered for managing his son’s group known as The Newtrons. His sons enjoyed success with their music after being discovered by Diana Ross, while at one point they even grew close to the Jacksons, which left Ron Newt with numerous stories of significance that helped shed more light on the iconic family. He then went on to share his life story in the 2014 autobiography titled “All That Glitters Is Not Gold: The Music, The Magic, The Madness.” – Source