What started as a pill every other day turned into a handful of pills every few hours.

There have been a lot of one hit wonders in the music world.

Honestly, one hit wonders kind of make the world go round.

They make a ton of money for record companies and very little for the singer.

The singer can usually be ok if they tour like crazy while they have any kind of recognition remaining with that song.

One hit wonders usually fade away after attempting to duplicate their success but never coming close to achieving it.

It is fairly rare for a one hit wonder to just disappear off the planet. Well, not the planet, but the entertainment world, especially if they also had some other talent like acting.

This singer was nowhere one second and then everywhere just as quickly.

She was young and pretty and she had everything in front of her.

When she was on tour promoting the song, she was trying to juggle school and the appearances and late nights.

So, someone from the record label suggested she take a pill or two when she was feeling sluggish.

What started as a pill every other day turned into a handful of pills every few hours.

The next thing you know she needed to take something else to counter the effects of the pills and before long our teen singer was a full blown addict who overdosed multiple times over the course of a few months.

Just when she should have been flying full speed ahead she ended up in rehab for a month.


When she got out and tried to resume her career, it was cold.

She did end up doing some acting but got caught up in the same thing that happened before.

This time she was also dating high profile celebrities even though she was still way under age.

The guys she was dating were not though.

They were older.

Much older and wanted to party.

She liked being surrounded by celebrity and tried to fit in so started taking drugs again and partying.

It was even worse than the last time.

Another couple of years were lost to drugs and rehab and when she finally got clean, her career was non existent.

She has tried multiple comebacks but it is like she is starting from scratch.

She has no momentum and has a reputation as someone who just can’t handle the pressure.

She is out there again.

Trying to recapture what she had.

Making the rounds.

Doing press when someone will actually interview her.

She doesn’t have many more chances left.

Joanna ‘JoJo’ Levesque

Source: http://www.crazydaysandnights.net

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