We can understand why the Queen did what she did.

Fashion’s biggest night, the Met Gala, went down last night.

But there was one particular American designer that you may have missed dazzling us on the red carpet.

Scandal broke out at last year’s Gala, when a certain “royal” family was caught on tape in the fight of the century. Rumors were buzzing as to what exactly happened.

It was alleged that infidelity was the root, with the involvement of a certain designer and the King of the royal family.

Well the Queen was playing no games this year.

Not only did she slay the red carpet, but she also allegedly had this fashion designer banned from the event.

To make things worse, the King has history with this designer’s ex husband.

So we can understand why the Queen did what she did.

But with this designer’s messy nature and her current ongoing custody battle with her ex-husband being blasted all over social media, we can see why no one wants her around.

King: Jay-Z
Queen: Beyoncé
Banned Fashion Designer: Rachel Roy
Fashion Designer’s Ex-Husband: Damon Dash, married 2005 – 2009

Source: http://mouthtoears.com

Do you believe it?

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