Unfortunately for her, the feeling isn’t exactly mutual.

This funny female TV star isn’t afraid to go after what – or who – she wants!

Right now, she wants a certain handsome film actor who she thinks is incredibly sexy.

Unfortunately for her, the feeling isn’t exactly mutual.

He likes her as a friend, but there are two reasons why any sort of romance is unlikely.

First of all, his marriage to another celebrity ended badly (although we’re not sure that they ever finalized the divorce), so he is not looking for anything serious.

Secondly, she is simply not his “type.” What is his type? His friend tells us: Sure they seem like a good match on paper, but [Actor] he has a rather warped view of an ideal girlfriend.

He likes them very young (like twenty years younger), very pretty, very slim, and not too bright.

[TV Girl] is about twenty years too old and way too sharp for him.

It’s not going to happen.

BONUS CLUE: It’s probably best they don’t date, as we don’t think he could handle her late night antics!

Chelsea Handler
Orlando Bloom (his ex: Miranda Kerr)

Source: http://blindgossip.com

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