It was really wild and really funny. No one could stop laughing.
June 7, 2016
He has been hitting the casting couch hard to get any role he can.
June 7, 2016

Unbeknownst to our actress, the actor was involved with someone he eventually would marry.

Actors and actresses disappear from the public eye all the time.

Sometimes you think they are gone but they are just making straight to video or nowadays straight to On Demand movies.

Unless you go looking specifically for their work, you probably would forget they even were popular.

It is much more rare for someone who was at the top to disappear in a second.

It happened to this actress.

Back in the day before the internet, this actress was front page tabloid material for a good two years.

She wasn’t really even acting all that much when she was tabloid material.

She was primarily a model, although, I think it is fair to say that some of the time she was being paid for more than just modeling.

Anyway she hooked up with a permanent A+ list singer and it was cover story stuff.

The breakup was even more cover story stuff. When they did break up, she actually started getting solid acting roles and even was a main character on a long running network hit.

When it ended her career did to.

Kind of.

Coming off a hit like that, she had tons of offers.

One of the offers she chose to accept was on a movie.

Nothing big budget, but a nice role and a good paycheck.

It would be the end of her career.

On the set was this former A list actor who was trying to make a comeback.

It took him awhile to make that comeback and he still is not at the level he was back in the day even though just as many people know his name.

Anyway, the two got involved on the set.

Unbeknownst to our actress, the actor was involved with someone he eventually would marry.

When our actress found out she broke off the on set hookup, but our actor decided he was going to have sex with her one more time.

He assaulted our actress and for good measure, his soon to be wife heard about the assault and instead of being supportive, actually threatened our actress because the soon to be wife didn’t want anything to derail the comeback of the actor.

Our actress has never recovered and never worked again.

Julianne Phillips
Ex-husband: Bruce Springsteen
Actor: Harry Hamlin
Wife: Lisa Rinna


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