Those big tabloid headlines often come from this actress.

There she was this weekend.

The B list mostly television actress who always seems to find work on hit shows and to keep her name out there, was doing what she does to help her live the lifestyle she loves.

Our actress, who has never really made friends with anyone on any set she has ever worked, is probably not doing herself any favors. She is still a big enough name to be invited to every party and swag event and she made the rounds at all of them this past weekend.

Besides taking as much swag as she can to sell, the other thing our actress does is take lots of notes and photos.

Those big tabloid headlines often come from this actress.

She sells information about the people she works with and the celebrities she meets.

She also provides a service to very rich men of the cloth who are in marriages but have always wanted to spend some time with someone they have seen on television and is a member of their religion.

In any event, our actress takes lots of notes and also takes photos.

The photos rarely see the light of day because she would rather not get caught.

The photos are retained by the tabloid in case they get sued or if there is a threat of a suit they can display the photo.

A couple of times it was necessary to produce the photo and there are some celebrities who thought back and realized who was taking a lot of photos that night.

The dots have not been connected but our B lister might want to be more careful because as much trouble as she has right now finding work because of her sneaky work ethic, things will be even more tough once they discover her secret.

Apparently she has a plan for that event.

It turns out that she has a file on lots of celebrities and is going to trade that information for acting roles.

She does not think of it as blackmail but just looking out for number one, herself.

Michelle Trachtenberg


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