This married athlete is accused of getting a girl pregnant.

There’s an interesting little information campaign going on that’s making a bad situation even worse.

This married athlete is accused of getting a girl pregnant.

Of course he shouldn’t be going around having extra marital relations with anybody.

But put the athlete aside for a second.

The allegedly pregnant girl has been characterized by a profession that conjures up words like “sleazy” and “opportunistic” and “desperate” and “gold-digger.”

However, she also might actually have a master’s degree from a reputable university and work on the management team of an elementary school.

She doesn’t work in the city nor in the profession that is being ascribed to her.

Strange, right?

Now, this could be two different women who just happen to have the same name and appearance who live in two different cities and lead very different lives.

Or this could be one woman simultaneously living in two wildly different worlds.

Or… this could be the wife of the athlete telling tales to smear the girl and to make her husband look as bad as possible!

When it’s time for the divorce, people will remember the rumor, not the truth.

She’s going after him hard.

She doesn’t give a f*ck about the reputation of the girl.

Carmelo Anthony
Lala Anthony


Do you believe it?

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