As these kids get older it is becoming more and more obvious that she is not the biological mother
May 4, 2016
She is offering to pay tabloids to publish photos of her baby
May 4, 2016

This isn’t about the truth. It’s about gamesmanship.

When this horrifying accusation was made against a Presidential Candidate, many assumed that it came from a competitor from within the candidate’s own party.

No. It actually came from the other party!

What do you do when you know that your family member is going to be accused of a terrible crime?

Make a preemptive strike!

Accuse the accuser first of the exact same crime!

[Candidate 1] just succeeded in putting [Candidate 2] the defensive.

It doesn’t matter that the accusation is a complete lie and that it will quickly be discredited.

The important thing is that, later on, when [Candidate 2] accuses [Candidate 1’s spouse] of the same crime, the story will seem stale and retaliatory.

Sadly, it won’t matter if the first accusation is false and that the second accusation is true.

They will seem equal in people’s (voter’s) minds and will cancel each other out.

This isn’t about the truth.

It’s about gamesmanship.

Hilary Clinton
Bill Clinton
Donald Trump
Crime of raping underage girl at pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s island


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