This female rapper was headed to A list when she was killed.

This female rapper was headed to A list when she was killed.

The thing is, the right person has never been caught for her murder.

Oh, sure there has been someone who confessed to taking part in the killings, but there were no consequences for that confession.

In addition, in this city, if you have enough cash, you can make just about any crime have a non existent investigation.

The person behind the killings was also the person in charge of her career.

Apparently he wanted her dead for a few reasons.

One, she was hooking up with people other than himself and he didn’t appreciate that.

Second, she wanted to move on to another person who she thought would take her career to another level.

Third, she knew about his drug dealing and money laundering being done at monster levels.

He thought if she left to go with someone else that she might spill the secrets. So, he had her killed and then went to her funeral.

She did actually spill her secrets.

She left behind some diaries which her husband found when he got out of jail.

He tried to make some quick cash extorting the killer.

Instead, he wound up dead too.

Female rapper: Magnolia Shorty
Husband: Carl Bridgewater

Controlled her career: Birdman
Wanted to move on to: Lil Wayne