This famous film actor is in a really awkward position.

This famous film actor is in a really awkward position.

He has always supported a certain political party and been very vocally and financially supportive of whichever lead candidate they choose.

However, we hear that he has a big problem (although we don’t know exactly the problem is) with one of the party’s leading candidates, and is balking on supporting them.

This puts him in an odd position. If he speaks up and opposes the candidate, he would likely be branded as anti-whatever and a traitor to his party.

He will alienate himself from everyone he knows… and possibly hurt his own chances for employment in the future.

However, if he stays quiet – but fails to donate or fund raise like he has in the past – people will certainly notice the dramatic difference and will question him on it.

So, if he wants to stay in the good graces of the Hollywood community, our actor may have to vocally support, donate to, and fund-raise for a candidate he really doesn’t want to be president!

George Clooney
Candidate: Hillary Clinton
His problem with the candidate: He called her “the most polarizing figure in American politics”


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