This blind item is just plain wild, so hold on!

This blind item is just plain wild, so hold on!

There is a famous celebrity family.

Actors, actresses, singers.

Let’s focus on two of the brothers.

Older Brother – who is a very famous and very talented actor – was formerly married to a gorgeous actress.

He is now married to a civilian.

Younger Brother – who is also an actor – is married to a famous singer.

When Older Brother married Civilian, he wanted her to get pregnant right away.

She didn’t.

Afraid of losing her husband, she found a willing sperm donor.

His younger brother!

Older Brother didn’t know anything about this.

Younger Brother’s wife, Singer, didn’t know anything about it, either.

Long story short, Older Brother and Civilian now have multiple kids… each secretly sired by Younger Brother.

But wait!

That’s not the end of the story!

Older Brother got suspicious about the paternity of his kids… and got them DNA tested!

He was so furious about the results, that he and Civilian had a huge fight.

When we say huge, we are talking epic!

Older Brother is known for his temper.

There was screaming and swearing, a chair was thrown through a window, and Civilian walked out… straight into the arms of Younger Brother!

When that happened, Younger Brother’s wife, Singer, finally got wise to what was going on… and she immediately split from Younger Brother!

The whole family went into a complete meltdown.

There was huge infighting among a dozen family members for weeks.

All of a sudden, nobody was sure whose kids were father by which brother.

All of these revelations and family secrets were thrown into the mix.

It was a mess.

Want to know how things ended up?

Of course you do!

Well, in public, you will still see Older Brother and Civilian together, and Younger Brother and Singer together.

In private, though, Civilian has moved in with Younger Brother… and Singer has moved in with Older Brother!

It’s a real life Wife Swap!

Wild, right?

BONUS CLUE! We found out that Older Brother yelled at Younger Brother, “Nobody makes a fool out of me!” On Saturday, Older Brother will be announcing his plan for revenge.

Older brother: Alec Baldwin
Younger brother: William Baldwin
Civilian: Hilaria Baldwin
Singer: Chynna Phillips


Do you believe it?

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