This affair has been going on for two years. Two years.

This affair has been going on for two years. Two years.

That is insane without being caught.

What is even more insane is that one of the actors used to be just about A+ list and has been in some of the biggest box office movies of all time.

He seems foreign born but he isn’t.

He has had a significant other forever.

He has been hooking up with this married actress who doesn’t really seem married because you never see her husband. He was there before they got married but much like Freddie Prinze has disappeared into marriage obscurity.

Anyway, the actress does indie movies after a slightly better than meh television career.

Apparently, right after she got married the two met at a conference for actors who wanted to direct.

One thing led to another and literally just a few weeks after she got married she was in bed with this guy for the entire weekend.

They never meet in LA and the whole thing has been hush hush hush.

Super secret.

Since they are both in relationships and want to keep it that way they have been discreet.

The only reason it has started to break open is they were spotted two weeks ago outside of LA.

They were both at a film festival and shared a lodge together.

It was a free standing structure and they probably thought they could get away with it.

Apparently the driver assigned to her saw the actor and asked about him when the actress got in the car.

The actress gave some lame reason why the guy would be in the house at 8 am in his pajamas.

Later in the day the driver was giving the assistant to the actress a ride back to her hotel and asked how long the actress and actor had been going out and the assistant blurted out the whole two weeks since the actress got married.

The assistant then told the driver not to say anything to anyone about what he had seen or ask about any of the other times the couple has got together the past two years.

You know, if I was going to pick a couple to hook up, it would not be them.

Kimberly Stewart (Benicio Del Toro)
Viggo Mortensen


Do you believe it?

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