I’m now calling them the coke trio.
May 18, 2016
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May 18, 2016

They were never really friends.

What happened to the burgeoning friendship between these two uber-famous singers?

It seems like only yesterday that Tall and Short were getting together for birthday celebrations and posing together for silly photos like girlfriends do.

Now… nothing.

The two barely said “Hey” to each other at The Met Gala.

What happened?

They were never really friends.

Short was only sucking up because she wanted Tall to collaborate on a business deal so Short could make some serious bank off of her.

When Tall declined, Short didn’t have any reason to speak to her again.

It’s probably better that it turned out that way because Short actually doesn’t like Tall as a person or as an artist.

She makes fun of Tall’s music, and I think it would really hurt Tall if she knew that.

Taylor Swift

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