They requested SPERM from a “light skinned” African American has been telling you about a REAL POPULAR CELEB who is pregnant, and set to announce her pregnancy any day now.

Well we just got a GIANT POT of extra HOT AND SPICY TEA.

According to a person is HUBBY’s family . . . hubby has a problem with his SPERM, and the two had to go to a FERTILITY clinic to get pregnant the first time. The doctors used some scientific technique to “enhance” the sperm and impregnate wifey.

Well we’re told that for the SECOND pregnancy, the couple decided to use some DONOR Sperm.

You see, the couple wanted their next child to have more “EUROPEAN” features . . . so they requested SPERM from a “light skinned” African American.

The couple is apparently REALLY UPSET with all the SLICK COMMENTS that they’ve been getting about their FIRST CHILD.

And they wanted to be sure that their second child didn’t have to go through all that mess. CRAZY . . .

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Do you believe it?

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