They make a ton of money having sex and acting is just something fun they do in between.

I have been working on this for a little while now.

I was waiting for one other person to contribute their portion of events, but they have gone radio silent because of the threats of the family against him.

Our actress is probably C list at this point.

She (GH) used to be B list.

She had a nice little run with a hit pay cable show and some great movie appearances.

Those all dried up though.

Lets head back a few years though. when she was in high school she was always short of money.

Her parents spent most of the money on booze and other addictions. So, she found out that some of the teachers at her private school would pay money to have sex with her.

She then convinced another friend to join her and to move in together to get away from their respective homes.

The friend actually became an actress too. A B+ list actress.

Lets call her BD. So, GH and BD are out in Hollywood and struggling so they turn to their old gig.

They make a ton of money having sex and acting is just something fun they do in between.

The other thing that happens is they both start taking drugs.

A lot of drugs.

It nearly killed BD, and still might.

She has got her life back together and is actually acting again after basically being blacklisted because of her drug use.

She is not proud she had to go casting couch to get back on her feet and get some roles, but the last few have been based on her acting and not her skill in bed.

GH? Well, the drugs affected her differently.

Kind of a one note actress to begin with, the roles started to dry up and her constant drug use was not helping.

She started to get this paranoia.

One day she would be sweet and kind and the next day she would slash your tires or throw a brick through your window.

One time she was not being sweet and kind when she went off on her drug dealer because he would not extend her any more credit.

He had a gun out and she picked it up and emptied the clip in his living room.

She told the guy she would shoot him next time and walked out of there with his gun.

The guy didn’t run after her because he was not sure if there were any more rounds in the gun.

She then drove to her then boyfriend’s home who happened to be married and waited until he got home.

She just sat in front of his house.

When he got home she waved the gun at him and said they were going inside to wait for his wife and tell her what had been going on.

She then said she expected him to leave his wife that night while she watched.

He kept trying to convince her not to.

At some point, a neighbor came over who had been watching the couple’s small child and it did something to GH and she walked out.

Still with the gun.

Later she used that gun, still without bullets to threaten her family into giving her money for drugs.

When she went to go buy drugs though, she didn’t want to use her regular deal. For obvious reasons.

She had not dealt with them before.

They were BD’s regular suppliers.

GH showed up and made it clear she had a gun which they took from her.

She was so out of control they were going to kill her when they called BD who vouched for her.

They sent her on her way minus any drugs, money or the gun.

Apparently, shortly after that event or maybe the same night, she went over to a new boyfriend’s house and played some game where she tied him to the bed and then she went and got a knife from the kitchen and kept threatening to kill him unless he agreed to marry her.

He agreed and during the ride to Vegas he stopped to get gas.

She went to use the restroom and he left her behind to make her own way home.

GH: Paz de la Huerta
BD: Alexis Dziena


Do you believe it?

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