They have been talking about doing this for a long time.

Production scouts have been tasked with one very important chore.

It is going to be the summer and they want to be on the water.

The house has to be big enough for the kids and ideally needs to have a boat dock and have a huge back yard.

The wish list also includes a trampoline, a pool and hot tub and a minimum of three bedrooms for the employees of the occupants.

This will be the first time this couple has publicly lived together. The couple, consisting of an actor and actress have had some ups and downs and as of late there have been more downs than ups.

As is his custom he has been having sex with any woman that smiles in his direction.

She had a hot and torrid fling with one of the co-stars on her very hit show.

One of the reasons they signed on to do this project was to spend this time together.

They wanted to see if they were put into an environment where they are forced to live and work together with their kids by their side whether their relationship will flourish or end.

They have been talking about doing this for a long time.

They have tried living together before but one or both of them was always working or out of the country or had other commitments.

Oh, the budget for their rental house is $25K a week so I’m pretty sure they will be able to find something.

David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson
Filming: Untitled X-Files Revival
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada


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