They had to be 16 or 17. No one older.

This actor is probably permanently A+ list.

He is not that great of an actor but somehow is a multiple Academy Award winner/nominee.

He is getting up there in age.

Hitting a big birthday this year.

Back in the day he was cruising for teens.

He always went looking for them.

The younger the better.

He especially loved going to states that have really young age of consent laws.

Back when he was in his 40’s, he found a state that had an age of consent of 16.

He would go to a mall or arcade and make a big entrance.

People recognized him and swarmed him. He would find one or two of the female teens and take them to his hotel.

They had to be 16 or 17. No one older.

Anyway, one time he found a 16 year old and played his star card and she was soon joining him back at his hotel.

At his hotel he brought out a surprise.

She was going to have to have sex with the actor and his bodyguard.

The bodyguard was a regular in these things.

He was there to act as a witness and to make sure nothing happened to the actor.

When it was over our actor threatened to kill the teen if she ever told anyone.

Well, she did tell someone and went to the police.

The police pressured her to say the encounter was consensual because they didn’t want to have any trouble with the actor.

The police never even bothered to talk to the actor or the bodyguard.

They just pressured the teen until she dropped the whole thing.

She has lived with the emotional scars her entire life and is finally going to come out talking about it and what the actor and the bodyguard did to her.

Mel Gibson
Happened in Montana


Do you believe it?

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