These two used to be great friends, but right now they are at odds.

There’s ugliness and fighting behind the scenes of this famous band!

Management is already having a challenging time holding the group together.

They don’t want the any of the band members doing anything stupid to exacerbate an already-difficult situation. So they have lectured them about their public and private behaviors.

However, one of the guys is not just ignoring the advice: He’s defying it!

Lots of late nights and risky behavior and general tomfoolery.

One of his bandmates, who tends to take his career more seriously, does not think this behavior is the least bit funny!

Mr. Serious knows he needs to make as much money as he can while they are together, and he doesn’t appreciate Mr. Tomfoolery messing with his paycheck and possibly hastening the demise of the band.

These two used to be great friends, but right now they are at odds.

We don’t know if it will show up in public – as they tend to smile for the cameras – but there is an awful lot of nastiness and snarling and name-calling behind the scenes.

Not all the time, but ten times more than before.

If you ever used to combine their names together because they were so close… now may be the time to stop!

One Direction
Louis Tomlinson
Mr. Serious: Harry Styles
Combined name: Larry Stylinson


Do you believe it?

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