There was no scheduling conflict.

A fundraising event for one of the U.S. Presidential Candidates was going to be hosted by a famous actor.

At the last minute, The Actor bowed out, saying that he had a “scheduling conflict.”

No. That was a lie.

There was no scheduling conflict.

The truth is that The Actor was actually ASKED to bow out by [The Presidential Candidate].

While The Candidate would normally love the endorsement and support of a Hollywood actor, in this case The Actor is involved in some shady financial dealings with a charity organization!

Since the The Candidate’s own finances are under scrutiny, holding an event together would have highlighted The Candidate’s own finances.

By getting rid of The Actor, that sensitive talking point would be avoided and the media would cover it as a regular fundraiser.

Shade avoided. Nothing to see here, folks!

Hillary Clinton
Leonardo DiCaprio


Do you believe it?

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