Their friendship suffered a lot when the star of this blind, took a guy away from her friend.

All too often in Hollywood we talk about guys taking care of women in return for sexual favors.

This time though, the tables are reversed.

For at least the past two decades, this singer/celebrity/reality star has gone from one guy to the next taking care of each of them in turn.

Our singer/celebrity/reality star has her name on millions upon millions of records that have been sold.

She has some money.

She also has a long history of just paying for what she wants. Back in the day she used to compete for guys to buy with her long time friend and former co-worker who is also a singer/celebrity/reality star.

Often when there was a guy they both liked they would just end up doing threesomes with him until they grew bored and send him on his way.

Their friendship suffered a lot when the star of this blind, took a guy away from her friend.

The guy, was being pulled in two directions and was having money thrown at him by both women, but finally decided to go with our star.

I think the fact the other woman had a boyfriend probably had something to do with it too.

Our star once fell for a guy so hard that she tried to convince him to leave his girlfriend and multiple children and move in with our star.

He didn’t, but our star gave him tens of thousands of dollars and also loaned him several hundred thousand more before they split.

She never did get the money back.

Even today, she is still doing the same thing.

Sure, she calls it something else but she likes to be the one to pay the bills and call the shots.

Singer/celebrity/reality star: Kandi Burruss (“Real Housewives of Atlanta”)
Former co-worker: Tameka “Tiny” Harris (boyfriend T.I.)
Guy pulled in two difference directions: A.j. Jewell
Guy she couldn’t convince: Russell “Block” Spencer
Today: husband Todd Tucker


Do you believe it?

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