The star “is completely unmanageable.”

This huge star had literally better get her act together, because if she doesn’t, she is going to have another flop on her hands!

She is headlining a major upcoming project.

However, instead of rehearsing or promoting the project, she is spending her time vacationing and partying! Does she expect this project to magically come together and be successful without her showing up and doing the work?

Because, despite her big name, this is a business, and without her full involvement and commitment, this project is going to fail.

A source within the project tells us that “it’s a total disaster”, and that the star “is completely unmanageable.”

Actually, that’s an ironic word to use, because we don’t think she even has a manager any more!

She is adrift and doesn’t even seem to care.

It’s no surprise that another significant member of her team just handed in their resignation.

Would you bust your chops working for someone if they didn’t even care enough to show up for work themselves?

Or would you just move on?

Mariah Carey
Upcoming project: Las Vegas residency
Her publicist dropped her as a client


Do you believe it?

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