The side piece was about to blow the lid off everything because she was tired of being a secret.

This is an easy one.

We got some information from a very good source close to these A List Musicians who are now divorced.

1. She had no idea the divorce was coming.

They haven’t spent much time together recently and if you added up the total time they’ve been together in their entire marriage, it would probably add up to six months.

He pulled some strings and had his divorce filing moved to the front of the line.

With their pre-nup, it was an extremely easy case. BUT….
2. The documents were sealed because he had to fork over quite a bit of cash rather than fight her about the pre-nup.

He cheated years before and was cheating now.

This was a stipulation in their pre-nup.

He cheats, she gets some serious cash.

He put that stipulation in there to begin with, she doesn’t need money.

3. If you speculated that he filed because he has a side piece, you’d be correct.

The side piece was about to blow the lid off everything because she was tired of being a secret.

So he filed for divorce to shut her up and as soon as the ink was dry, he had his PR team write up tons of different stories that all contradict each other and dumped her.

With all the conflicting news stories, there’s no blowing the cover off the whole thing.

He’s got the media and public not sure what to believe.

4. His ex-wife hasn’t said one word about any of it.

All the “source” posts you see are all from his team: she cheated, he cheated, she doesn’t want kids, he doesn’t want kids, she’s psycho….. whatever they could come up with.

And let me tell you that the ex is spitting mad at how he’s handled everything.

She considers the entire marriage a lie based on how he did all this behind her back while pretending everything was fine.

Giving interviews about how amazing she and their marriage is while using contacts to get a quicky divorce.

But she’s not one to play her feelings out in the media, she will slow burn and then give her side of the story in her music and everyone will rush to buy what she’s selling to hear her side.

Her next album will probably be epic.

Miranda Lambert
Blake Shelton


Do you believe it?

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