The search is on! Who’s available?

This athlete is already a big star overseas.

Now he is moving to the U.S.!

He LOVES being in the public eye, so if you’ve never heard of him until now, he will start popping up in American tabloids soon.

First order of business when he gets here?

Buy a weapon!

Just kidding.

He’s leaving all his guns and ammo behind. Those things can get you into trouble!

No, the first order of business will be… to set him up with a female celebrity!

He’s been without a “wife” or “girlfriend” for over a year, and his team knows that the best way to set him up as a “ladies’ man” – and for him to start scoring endorsements – is to have him start dating a celebrity.

The search is on!

Who’s available?

Ashley Cole (ex-husband of Cheryl Cole Fernandez-Versini)


Do you believe it?

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