The rash took a few days to go down and the actress lost a modeling job because of it.

This is fairly short, but since the Met Ball is tonight, I thought it was a good one to write.

A few years ago when actors and actresses started attending and models started getting pushed aside, this former A+ list super model got her revenge.

The former A+ lister could still model but mainly stays home with that strange looking celebrity she married decades ago.

Anyway our former A+ lister was supposed to go and wear an outfit for a long time designer friend. About three weeks before the event, the designer calls the model and apologizes but says that this B+ list mostly television actress at the time from a hit almost network show was going to wear the dress.

The designer owed some money and his partners thought it would be better to have the actress wearing the dress.

The model was willing to let it go and knew the designer meant his apologies.

Then the actress went off in the press about how the model was washed up and that the designer had a vision and that our actress who is married to someone much higher on the list than herself was the designer’s muse and it was time for the young and that the models should make way for women the world wanted to see and could see in something more than a magazine that was decades old.

The model vowed revenge.

She knew who was doing the hair and makeup for the actress because the designer arranged for them.

The model had them ruin the hair of the actress so much that she had to wear a wig.

They also used a concealer on her face that caused her to sweat and did something to the dress that made our actress scratch herself almost continually the entire night and also break out in some kind of bright red rash.

The rash took a few days to go down and the actress lost a modeling job because of it.

I’m not sure the actress knows the model was behind it or if it was just bad luck, but I do know she never said anything about the model ever again.

Paulina Porizkova, husband: Ric Ocasek
Blake Lively


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