The happy faces you saw while doing press and at the premiere of this long long awaited sequel were all a sham.
April 29, 2016
Usually his divorces cost him a lot of money and they are because he cheats.
April 29, 2016

The producers have absolutely no obligation to consult her before casting changes. She’s being stupid.

This female TV star is playing a dangerous game by giving the finger to network executives over a recent cast change on her show.

What a drama queen.

She’s not the producer of the show!

She’s the talent, and she should act accordingly.

Her little tirade is out of line.

The producers have absolutely no obligation to consult her before casting changes.

If they want to extend that courtesy, fine, but they don’t have to.

She’s being stupid.

She’s acting like she’s some character on a daytime drama and she is embarrassing the network executives.

You know what she needs to do?

She needs to calm the f*ck down, sit the f*ck down, and do her f*cking job… you know, the one she’s being a FORTUNE to do?

Let her know that if she tries to wage war against this company, she is going to LOSE.

This is a corporation, she is an employee, and her little show is just one tiny little cog in the wheel.

She has already violated her contract and they will fire her ass if she keeps this up.

But she’s upset about losing her costar and friend!

They’re not friends.

It’s just their job to be friendly on air.

There’s a difference.

The two of them never even spoke when they were not on the air or doing an official promotional task together.

She also isn’t friends with [a famous cast mate from several years ago].

That should tell you everything you need to know about her.

Kelly Ripa
Live’s Kelly Ripa went back to work. Michael Strahan is being given the bum’s rush out the door.


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