The producer is annoyed that his faux couple is falling apart.

There are three very good actors who are involved in a weird love triangle that is part publicity stunt and part real.

Our actor is older and already famous.

Our first actress is younger and is starting to get a lot of attention and score some choice roles.

In fact, she just landed another big role recently. A very big producer wants to turn our young actress into the next It Girl.

He put our actor and actress together as a faux couple, because he thinks that her image will get a boost from people believing that a famous leading man is in love with her.

The producer began pushing them into PDA photo ops and introducing them as a real-life couple late last year.

There are a couple of problems, though.

First of all, our actress is NOT happy about being in this fake relationship!

The actor is too old for her, and their personalities don’t mesh well together when they are off-screen.

She appreciates the publicity, but she really doesn’t want to be tied to him professionally or personally.

She wants to date someone younger and hotter.

However, she knows how powerful and influential the producer is, so she is playing along for now.

The second problem is that our actor is actually in love… with another actress!

The second actress is also famous, is well-established, and is much more age-appropriate.

They have been seeing each other on the sly but are finding it increasingly difficult to stay out of the spotlight as a couple.

Recently, our first/younger actress balked at signing on for another job with our actor.

Guess who will be taking her place in that project?

That’s right!

The second/older actress!

The producer is annoyed that his faux couple is falling apart.

Will he be able to convince them to stay together?

Or will he let them break up and announce that the actor is now in love with his new leading lady, the second/older actress?

What will happen to It Girl?

Stay tuned!

Producer: Harvey Weinstein
Actor: Michael Fassbender
Younger Actress: Alicia Vikander (They look miserable together)

Older Actress: Ariane Labed

Movie: Assassin’s Creed
Final touch:


Do you believe it?

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