The pills are making our star more dependent.

This reality star from a very long running MTV franchise with multiple casts has battled drug addiction for years.

Often it has been a very public battle.

Until five or six months ago, our reality star had been fighting the good fight.

Drugs were off the menu.

Sure, there was some booze and some wild drunken nights, but she stayed away from what nearly brought her down last time.

She was at bottom.

Literally rock bottom.

She bounced back and was doing really well.

Then, she went through some very big personal issues and decided to go see a therapist. That therapist prescribed some anti-anxiety medication.

Apparently it is non habit forming, but our reality star decided the pills were not working so was referred to another doctor by someone she thinks she can trust.

This doctor prescribed her something that is addictive.

Very addictive.

It definitely reduced the anxiety levels of our star but now she is upping her dosage and is fairly incoherent for the greater part of each day.

The person closest to her likes her that way because it allows that person to control her even more.

The pills are making our star more dependent.

She has also started mixing the pills with booze which has caused some big issues with work commitments that she has been forced to skip.

She does not have an unending money stream and it is quickly vanishing.

That person closest to her is racking up huge bills and recently just spent $25K of our star’s money in one check.

When the money dries up, the person closest to her will vanish leaving our star another huge drug addled hole to try and climb out of.

Trishelle Cannatella


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