The pain inside must be significant.

This woman needs help.

She needs it badly.

She won’t accept any though. If I had her number I would tell her to get help.

I do have her e-mail and I did e-mail her.

I didn’t get any response.

She was A+ list for about 5 minutes.

Maybe 10. She quickly dropped to A list and now is probably B-.

She will stay there for awhile because of the name. Celebrity. Singer. Reality star is where she got her start.

Lots of drug problems.

Self esteem problems.

The drinking and drugs have really changed who she is.

I think she is trying to escape the past when she used to turn tricks to make ends meet.

It was all behind her.

The pain inside must be significant.

Most of her fortune has been wiped out.

She smothers any guy she is with and does not have custody of her kid(s).

When a guy leaves her she always threatens to kill herself and because she has tried before, they always listen and come back.

No guy wants that on her conscience.

Eventually though it all becomes too much for the guy and they eventually walk away.

Within a day or two she will have a new guy and the cycle begins again.

With her most recent boyfriend she did try and kill herself again which kept him around an extra few weeks.

He just couldn’t keep up with what was going on with her and left.

She already has another guy lined up.

Fantasia Barrino


Do you believe it?

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