The injury didn’t happen the way it was reported!

We told you last week about a celebrity who lied about why she was in a hospital.

Now we have another liar for you!

This one is a very famous actor, whose filming on a major franchise was halted when he suffered a serious injury.

However, the injury didn’t happen the way it was reported! The truth is that he was not in a moving vehicle at all.

He was actually in his mate’s house, he was totally drunk, and he hit something in a fit of anger.

Of course, his reps do not want you to know that in real life he is an angry, out-of-control, self-injuring alcoholic.

So they fabricated a story that made the accident seem completely innocent and playful.

Did the film’s insurers buy the phony story?

Did you buy it?

Aye, you did, didn’t you?

Johnny Depp
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales


Do you believe it?

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