The empire is not what it used to be.

It probably won’t be long.

The entire empire is going to crumble.

The empire is not what it used to be.

Sure, there are some shows on the air, but not like the old days when there were a handful all at once.

People are very leery of working with this company because of the potential for bad things to happen.

See, things are not like they were before.

There was not social media at the height of their power.

Tween actors had no voice.

They did what they were told and kept quiet or they were fired from the show. Parents loved the easy life, so in some cases were culpable or turned a blind eye.

Most of the time though they just were nonexistent.

They just picked up their kid at the end of the day and did what they were told too.

In more recent shows, there has been social media so they had to choose more carefully.

They only selected the most hungry, the most willing to do anything to achieve fame.

If someone tried to step out of line, then those lucrative side projects suddenly disappeared and they were just another tweener who never made it beyond the tween years.

Things have changed now though.

What sounded like a good idea at the time is turning into a nightmare.

Long removed from the thumb and with no careers to protect any longer, many of these female tweeners from a long gone show are starting to speak out.

The reason?

The sudden interest in the show has people searching out members to discuss their experiences.

Not a good combination if you want to keep your secrets.

There have been two that have started to talk and there are plenty more which will lead to more not only from that show, but many others. It is the beginning of the end.

Angelique Bates
Nickelodeon – All That


Do you believe it?

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