The cartel member is apparently a big fan.

Honestly, if this was any other actor ever in the history of time, I’m not sure I would believe what several people have told me.

With this actor though, you just add it to his total and move on.

Apparently our actor has decided to eschew the traditional dating approach after the beatdown he administered to his ex.

He now wants someone devoted to him and grateful for his presence.

So, he has hooked up with a woman who is the sister/niece/cousin of a Mexican cartel member.

Everyone knows she is in his family, but no one is exactly sure of the relationship. No one will ask though.

It turns out that our actor met her while researching a role and the cartel family member set the two of them up.

The cartel member is apparently a big fan.

He thinks they would be a great couple.

It is about the time that they were introduced that our actor began using heavier drugs and started to get more violent.

He also is apparently using drugs that are smuggled out just for him.

A special brand.

I guess actors get even better drugs then the rest of the world.

Well, that and his connection.

It is a crazy relationship and a dangerous one because if he does to his current girlfriend what he did to his last girlfriend, he will end up dead, A- list mostly movie actor or not.

Shia LaBeouf


Do you believe it?

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