The biggest step is yet to come: He wants to break up with his beard.

We’ve been telling you for years that this young actor was only playing straight because his PR team convinced him that it would give him a wider audience and a better choice of roles.

It worked in the beginning because it helped him succeed on a famous TV show. However, the show is over, he is tired of faking it, and he now wants to come out!

It’s not like there is going to be some big press conference next week.

This is a cautious and gradual process and he is testing out things one at a time to see the reaction they get.

He is playing a gay-friendly role.

He is giving interviews to gay-friendly media (that curiously do not mention his sexuality).

However, the biggest step is yet to come:

He wants to break up with his beard.

It’s not that he hates her. they are friends. However, he has gotten to the point where he is angry and annoyed about the charade.

His PR team is definitely NOT happy about this, and they are pushing back.

“They helped to craft his heartthrob straight image with this girlfriend and they don’t want him to just throw all their hard work away.

[The actor and the publicists] are debating back and forth.

Last I heard [the publicists] were suggesting to him that maybe he could say that he’s bi as a transitional step and then just date men.

While that sounds like a good compromise, he’s really just sick of lying.”

We should see who wins this debate pretty soon.

Darren Criss, Glee
Girlfriend: Mia Swier


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