That confidence thing is all bulls*t.

This funny actress – who currently stars in a big movie – comes across as extremely confident and self-assured.

We were surprised to hear that she is exactly the opposite in real life!

That confidence thing is all bulls*t.

Very thin skinned.

You would think that after years of being on stage, she could handle hecklers and ignore the critics, but she is in chronic meltdown mode.

Loves to play the victim.

If you don’t like her movie, it’s because you’re misogynist.

If you don’t laugh at her jokes, you’re a racist.

If you won’t give her a dress, you’re a sizest.

If you won’t hire her, you’re heightest or ageist or weightest or racist or all of the above.

Always an excuse, always the victim.

Total meltdown if there’s the slightest glitch in production or criticism of her on social media.

If she wants to continue to work, she needs to toughen up, because she’s a total pain in the ass to work with.

No excuse for someone that old to be so immature and unprofessional.

Leslie Jones


Do you believe it?

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