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October 20, 2019

Insurance fraud.

It sure beats working for a living or so says this rapper/reality star and his latest scheme to make money. Insurance fraud.
October 18, 2018

2 blinds in a row

Back in the day they would hook up from time to time, but now this former A+ list tweener actress turned B list adult actress has come to the conclusion her sister sleeps with the actor boyfriend of the actress more than the actress does. / Apparently even though this initialed A- list rapper/reality star is cheating on his wife for the millionth time, he knows she won't leave him because she signed a post nup for a flat amount of money which won't let her keep living the way she does now.
June 26, 2018

This rapper-turned actor knows his role-playing will result in attention from the low information social media users who watch his show.

This rapper-turned-actor has played this role before whenever he has an upcoming reality TV show to promote. Same script but with a different cast. In his latest role, he plays a cheating husband whose long-suffering wife goes along with his manufactured drama because he has a reality TV show premiering soon, and she’s depending on those paychecks.
March 20, 2018

It looks like it could be back to jail time for him.

Police are investigating this initialed A list rapper/reality star because he is banned from owning or possessing any guns but was bragging this week about how many he owns. It looks like it could be back to jail time for him.
January 8, 2018

He said it was a great way to pick up women.

This A- list rapper/reality star who is still desperate to change his name is still married as far as I know. Anyway, he recently dropped low five figures on a group of women. No, not a strip club. He helped the single moms buy gifts for their kids. That is nice right?
December 26, 2017

She says that unless he starts being fair with the finances that it is going public.

A measure of revenge for this B- list singer who is always being cheated on by her A- list rapper/reality star husband. After a long search, the wife found an old recording where she was participating in her husband's favorite activity.
September 29, 2017

The mistress in question is actually a PA for the talk show host and before that she was a dancer in music videos.

When I first read the headlines about this talk show host's spouse cheating, I was skeptical. Because they have a "business arrangement" marriage similar to Beyonce and Jay-Z. So I did some digging and wasn't surprised to find out that this was a publicity stunt, orchestrated by the talk show host and her husband plus this overseas newspaper who is trying to break into the TV entertainment news game.
September 5, 2017

He took offense to his wife sleeping with another guy

This on again off again music reality couple who seem to only get back together when there is a possibility of a new season of their reality show is off again. Apparently, despite the husband hooking up with new women almost daily, he took offense to his wife sleeping with another guy or two for the past couple of years.