March 21, 2019

There will be a settlement long before that ruling can take effect

After this very recent court ruling, there will be a settlement long before that ruling can take effect. There is no way on this earth that this A list talk show host/producer/mogul is going to allow himself to be deposed and have to answer personal questions.
March 14, 2019

She just wasn’t into it any longer.

This mogul/host/producer had to bid adieu to another beard. She just wasn't into it any longer. She lasted awhile, but wasn't getting anything out of it other than a paycheck. He refused to really help her advance her career.
March 9, 2019

2 blinds in a row

What red carpet host intentionally wore lifts in his shoes because he doesn't want to stand on a box when interviewing people? His ego is out of control. / This PR guy/reality star was given a warning by police last week when he was caught in a car getting orally serviced by another man.
January 27, 2019

3 blinds in a row

This permanent A list singer is hooked up to a GPS type system through his phone so his celebrity wife can keep track of him wherever he goes. She says it is for safety, but it is really because she is insanely jealous. / There is so much effort to get this A list talk show co-host from her long time job that it is a wonder there is any energy left to actually do the show. / This barely a celebrity offspring of at least one permanent A lister struck out with some women over the weekend despite a seemingly never ending supply of coke.
January 11, 2019

3 blinds in a row

It is interesting to me that this A+/A list mostly movie actress who does not have an Oscar nomination always spends the night with this A+/A list mostly movie actor but never with the a-hole late night guy. / This A list dual network host thinks his girlfriend's monetary demands have become out of control. He is looking to replace her with someone much less expensive. / Long time no hear from this pair, but this former reality star turned A- list singer in a group has plans to spend a weekend with his former co-star from the reality show to "write songs." The latter is not bringing his wife so this should be interesting.
January 7, 2019

The home next door captured it.

A French photo agency is trying to decide what to do with a photo they acquired from someone who captured it off their home surveillance system. Two male guests attending a party were passionately kissing while outside. The home next door captured it. Apparently one of the guests is this closeted A list mogul/host.
December 25, 2018

This doesn’t sound healthy for anyone.

This beard almost didn't take the trip with the A+ list mogul/host. She is tired of faking it and when there is a vacation, the spotlight is on her to make it look real. He threatens to cut off her access to the gigs he gets her which she would definitely not get otherwise and she finally relents. This doesn't sound healthy for anyone.
November 28, 2018

She knows he wants to do the gig solo and have all the limelight himself.

It might have seemed funny, but this permanent A list host really meant what she said about this A list mogul/host. She knows he wants to do the gig solo and have all the limelight himself. She knows he is always talking to the producers about making that happen.